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Mo piscines, it's 25 years of experience in the swimmingpool area.

Specialised in the water-treatment devices, let me introduce you the

best and world leading salt system based treating deavice, world leader: the bi-polarised technology from ©Chlorenaturel


Those high quality devices, sold at a fair price, garanty you the succes of your swimmingpool project, thanks to the ©Chlorenaturel salt devices. Those devices will satisfy all your requirements.


Our shop, on Eauze's road, before the rugby stadium, gives you a large amount of ©Chlorenaturel salt based devices, and also piscines kits, with or without technical assistance. Easy to build and at a very good price, buy our products with the garanty of a professional advice.




Nos coordonnées :

Mo Piscines

57 bis Grand Rue

32100 Caussens

Mob.: 0670942282


Nouveaux Bureaux

Ouverture en 2019 pour la vente de produits et matériel. Nous restons à votre disposition dès le 1er janvier 2018 pour la construction, rénovation et dépannage de piscines.

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